The Practice of Loving Presence (DOWNLOAD)
by Donna Martin

Nothing we could ever do or work on or accomplish or achieve in life is worth as much as making our relationships more loving and kind… perhaps no other task is so demanding, so difficult, so significant, so valuable as the task of being loving with the people in our lives.

The practice of Loving Presence is based on the Hakomi Method and the inspirational work of Ron Kurtz, who was the creator of the method and of most of the exercises on this Audio Download. Loving presence is a state of mind and a way of being. It’s a state in which you are open-hearted and well intentioned. In its purest form, you’ll find yourself being spiritually nourished and more sensitive to subtle energies and experiences. It is the best state to be in when you are offering someone emotional support.

Here is how Ron Kurtz described this state …

"Loving presence is easy to recognize. Imagine a happy and contented mother looking at the sweet face of her peaceful newborn baby. She is calm, loving, and attentive. Unhurried and undistracted, the two of them seem to be outside of time… simply being rather than doing. And, gently held within a field of love and life’s wisdom, they are as present with each other as any two persons could be."

When someone offers loving presence in relationship, the other - without even noticing it - feels safer, feels heard, appreciated, and even understood. When that happens, healing has already begun. This is true in any kind of relationship. In a therapy context it is fundamental.

We teach the practice of loving presence experientially using Hakomi-style exercises from a sequence of simple steps. On this Audio Download there is a short talk about the practice, followed by instructions for some of the key exercises… the entire Audio Download is just under an hour and can be used to guide your own personal practice or to facilitate a group experience. The recording can be paused to allow for time for mindfulness or discussion. It will give you a good taste of the Hakomi approach to self-study as well as to the way we use mindfulness for changing states of mind. The practice of Loving Presence is relevant for all helping professionals, for anyone who works with others, and for enhancing all kinds of relationships. It is about finding new and creative ways to make relationships nourishing and healing for everyone involved. Changing the habitual ways we relate takes practice, and requires an experiential approach. In these and other settings, it is well worth it!

I want to thank Ron Kurtz with all my heart for his inspiration in giving us the Hakomi Method of mindfulness-based psychotherapy and especially for the Practice of Loving Presence… I hope this Audio Download is inspiring and that you can make the practice an important part of your life.

The Practice of Loving Presence with Donna Martin

  1. Introduction
  2. Loving presence
  3. About mindfulness
  4. Mindfulness practice
  5. Guided imagery
  6. Being With part one
  7. Being With part two
  8. Listen without Deciding
  9. Groundlessness
  10. "I Don’t Know" questions
  11. Groundlessness in pairs
  12. Priming the Pump
  13. Search for Nourishment
  14. Being With part three
  15. Before You Speak
  16. Responding from Loving Presence
  17. Intimacy – a dialogue practice
  18. Guidelines, quotes and conclusion

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