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Teachings and interviews with Ron Kurtz.

Ron Kurtz Teaching at Workshops

Information via External Signs

Ron Kurtz explains that research shows that almost all we do is handled outside of consciousness.

3:41 min

Me and a Very Big Dog

Ron Kurtz tells this story about encountering a large Great Dane.

1:11 min


Ron Kurtz comments on the use of “Following” in the Hakomi Method with senior trainers Adama Hamilton (left) and Robert Milone (right).

4:00 min

Brief Interview with Ron Kurtz

Excerpts from a 2006 interview with Ron Kurtz conducted by Craig Comstock.

Ron talks clearly and concisely about the fundamentals of Hakomi: Loving Presence, Mindfulness, Indicators, Experiments, Adaptive Unconscious, Implicit Beliefs, Taking Over and more.

6:10 min